About Us



My name is Ebony, a mama of two beautiful girls and the proud owner of Max + Mee.

I took over this label in 2021 when I realised just how much of a positive impact these designs had on women going through pregnancy and postpartum (one of those women being me!). The confidence, comfort and longevity these styles give mamas in their most vulnerable moments is something that reignited my passion for design.

Prior to having kids, I spent ten years designing women's and children's wear, which provided me the opportunity to showcase at Perth & Sydney Fashion week as well as study in Paris at the Paris American Academy of Fashion. Additionally, I have industry training in pattern making and machining, so it’s safe to say, there's no shortcuts made around here when putting a garment together. After having my first daughter, Ruby, I really struggled to get comfortable breastfeeding - it always looked and felt like a wrestling match. The thought of breastfeeding in public gave me anxiety and tears were just about always shed.

It wasn't until I was pregnant with my youngest, Mabel, that I was approached to help co-design for Max + Mee. This moment was an absolute game changer! I wore Max + Mee throughout my second pregnancy and although breastfeeding still had its challenges second time round, Max + Mee made me feel fearless. Removing layers of clothing, awkwardly lifting and tucking bits of material, realising I didn’t have enough hands to throw a muslin cloth over my shoulder, all whilst positioning my baby in a football hold was no longer an issue. The discrete feeding access in the designs provided me the world of confidence to no longer worry about what other people could see.

It’s been my passion ever since to help other mums navigate these challenging, vulnerable moments - and do it in style! The love I have for creating functional yet stylish maternity wear that will seamlessly fit into your existing wardrobe and last throughout your mamahood journey is forever growing. I am so excited to continue to build this brand and watch Max + Mee support Mamas in their most important role yet.. motherhood.